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MPACIE Stifling the Voices of Irish Muslims With Extremism


MPACIE Stifling the Voices of Irish Muslims With Extremism:


On the 11th of January 2010 comments I had posted were deleted from the MPAC.IE website 2 days after they were published and displayed. I was also blocked from commenting. Below are the deleted posts, It is telling that in the article “Adding Insult to Injury” Liam ‘Mujaahid’ Egan chose to single out and delete the post which outline his sympathies with the Saudi regime and the allegations by one of his acquaintances that he has openly stated that he has sought funds from the Saudis and are in their pockets.


The Deleted Post:

Mohammed AlKabour Says:
January 9th, 2010 at 10:45 am   (Quote)

(Removed – we will not give oxygen to those who accept some of Allah’s book and reject the rest)

You clearly contradict yourself you first say that criticizing the ruler publically is prohibited than you refer to King Abdullah’s open majlis. That majlis Mr Egan is a sham and an exercise in theatrics where Abdulla acts out the role of a benevolent feudal lord granting pittances to his subjects who come in scraping and kissing his shoulder, the issues brought up are usually county councillor level; asking for benefits, or land grants and nothing of national importance is mentioned. When the odd petition manages to pass thru the minders the signatories are often rounded up and taught a hard lesson in the inner workings of a totalitarian regime. If this is the means of communicating grievances to the ruler that you suggest than you truly are very naive.

To equate the billions upon billions that was plundered straight to the pockets of the Al Saud’s with graft in Ireland is disingenuous and laughable the last Irish politician to come anywhere close was Charles Haughey and even he would seem like a pauper compared to what King Fahad and Saud plundered. Nevertheless through my participation in local politics I have called for accountability of the Irish government and I have attended a number of protests in front of the Dail in the past year, without fear of reprisal or harassment unlike Saudi Arabia where I would have immediately been arrested and on the contrary I hold Irish minsters to a much higher standard than their Saudi counterparts who or so mired in corruption and cronyism one doesn’t know where to begin.

Your hatred of the West is so entrenched that saying an inflammatory and hateful statement such as  “the kuffar will fight us until we turn from the religion, it is a reality and something plain and clear. They have done nothing to inculcate trust and Muslims should be wary of their machinations.” Comes naturally to you. These utterances feed into an atmosphere of mistrust; suspicion and extremism that only really benefits demagogues such as yourself who would have us think that they are always “out to get us!!” In Saudi Arabia the generation before me lived in a country rife with Polio, Malaria, Typhoid and other fatal diseases if it wasn’t for those Westerners “who have done nothing to inculcate trust”  millions would have died, doctors risked life and limb in the most hostile of environments to treat the local populace and eradicate diseases.

The outpouring of  generosity by those non-Muslims whom you loathe helped hundreds of thousands of Muslims whose lives had been devastated during the Tsunami of 2005 and the Kashmir Earthquake of the same year, the continuing aid in countries such as Sudan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Indonesia by Western NGOs (even when only taking into account those not religiously affiliated) is immense and have saved thousands of Muslim lives, in the area of human rights Amnesty International (of which I am a member) and Human Rights Watch –again Western organizations- are among the most vocal and tireless defenders of  the rights of Muslims in places like Guantanamo and the CIA blackspots you mentioned, and only yesterday George Galloway was deported from Egypt for insisting that aid reaches Gaza. The picture you paint where all non-Muslims are out to destroy us and couldn’t care less about our rights is a figment of your imagination and a symptom of a disturbing psychosis. My activism towards addressing the legitimate grievances of the people of Iraq, Palestine Afghanistan or in other countries will not be served by discussing it with a demagogue whose motives are far from altruistic.

Mr Egan you ask me not to focus my attention on a country 5000 km away and yet your latest post concerns the UAE  a country even further way from Ireland than Saudi Arabia, moreover your obsession with an imaginary rose tinted view of Saudi Arabia cannot be denied and is quite evident in the following posts  World Construction Industry in Saudi Hands?  “With oil, gold and sand being found in abundance within the Kingdom, and with a growing technological industry we predict that Saudi Arabia will take its rightful centre stage place among the world’s nations in the coming years.” How is that in anyway relevant to us here in Ireland and for a supposed local “Muslim Public Affairs Committee” ?? A Curse on Anyone Who Seeks to Institute Western Democracy in Saudi Arabia in this post you praise one of King Saud Al Saud’s grandsons the great plunderer of Saudi Arabia who almost bankrupted the country with his personal spending in the 1950s and 1960s and whose descendents (he had over 100 sons and daughters) still parasitically drain the country’s coffers. In ‘Muslims must rebuild civilisation’ You refer to Abdulla Al Saud as “Our illustrious King” followed in Arabic by “God Save the King” how can someone calling himself an Irishman address a foreign monarch in such a way?

Do you not see the blatant hypocrisy of asking me to focus my attentions on Ireland? My concern for this country Mr Egan and its people drove me to organize the Irish Muslim flood appeal in conjunction with the Red Cross-Red Crescent for the victims of the national disaster we faced in this country regardless of what their religion might be, I have participated in local and national politics in support of a more equitable society and I intend to rally members of the Irish Muslim community to volunteer during the current crisis and help the elderly and disabled in their communities who have been isolated by the current weather and help stranded communities by clearing footpaths and roads “Imatat al adha ‘an al tareeq.”  I also hope to organize an appeal with the Simon Communities and bring in volunteers to give relief to the homeless of this country in the coming weeks. When was the last you’ve done anything for the Irish nation and its people?

 The reason I have spoken out even though it may put me in danger of arrest by the Saudis the next time I travel to there is because I love Ireland, a country that has allowed me to pursue my life as I see fit free to express my thoughts even against the “rulers” without fear of abduction or torture. I consider it to be my home and for you to advocate Saudi Arabia as a model for Ireland is preposterous and dangerous, a few wayward youth might start believing your drivel and down the road we might have our own Irish home grown Richard Reid (the Salafi/Wahhabi shoe bomber who went to the same mosque you attended in the UK) who hated the West and the society he lived in and was inspired by the same type of Salafi/Wahhabi propaganda you propagate.

 Your loyalties Mr Egan have been made very clear and they do not lie with this nation and I can safely say that I am more of an Irish patriot than you will ever be even though I wasn’t born in this country. Your macabre devotion to Saudi Arabia a country where torture, poverty, and corruption on an unprecedented scale is rife can only be explained by a debilitating and mentally unbalanced obsession after your indoctrination there, or,  you are one of the hundreds of Saudi funded Wahhabi propagandists  in the West. With allegations by an acquaintance of yours saying that you have openly stated that to him that you have sought funding from the Saudi government and that you are in their pockets I am inclined to believe that you are just that and if that is the case than you are a traitor to Ireland and unworthy of its citizenship.

  1. Mohammed AlKabour Says:
    January 9th, 2010 at 2:14 pm   (Quote)

(Removed – we will not give oxygen to those who accept some of Allah’s book and reject the rest)

I did not save a copy but it was similar in content to the comment below

  1. Mohammed AlKabour Says:
    January 11th, 2010 at 10:16 pm   (Quote)

(Admin: Comment privileges suspended – we will not grant oxygen to those who follow part of the book of Allah and reject other parts)

I will reiterate my previous statement, which is my response to this and any other relevant post and I will henceforth cease giving you the attention you lust for.

Commentators have asked why more Muslims in Ireland haven’t spoken up against the disturbing and repugnant views expressed by  such as the stoning of adulterers, killing of “witches” and homosexuals, prohibition on friendships with non-Muslim and condoning of slavery to list the most prominent outrages. Muslims in Ireland whom I have talked to are almost uniformly horrified by this website but also realize that it consists of one fanatical individual- Liam “Mujaahid” Egan- who has more or less been howling at the moon for the past 2 years.

An earlier incarnation of this personal blog masquerading as an advocacy group was the so called “Gorey Muslim Community” another of Mr Egan’s website’s that misappropriated a grander name to give the false impression of importance, that site has since disappeared. One might have thought that the Muslim community in Gorey had emigrated en masse but the truth is that after the Hijab controversy Mr Egan felt it was time for a promotion and to move on to a national stage with his “Muslim Public Affairs Committee” yet another hijacking of grandiose titles that gave an illusion of false importance, the “organization” is neither a committee nor does it speak for the Muslim community in Ireland. Liam Egan’s penchant for fabricating controversies and his lust for media attention has led to one or two wayward individuals to join the sorry affair but that is the extant of it in Ireland, his colleagues from his days in the UK as seen with a person calling himself Antiphon from Birmingham on often lend their support and this fraud is to perpetuate the illusion of importance and greater representation in this country. Fanaticism and controversy feeds the whole enterprise and for this reason the Muslims I have talked to see no point in providing him with the oxygen he thrives on and craves for which is attention.

Egan is a propagandist a Wahhabi Goebbels if you will and the danger he poses is in fermenting hatred and imagined grievances that might inspire the next generation of would be fanatics. But it is those who wait quietly in the shadows and infiltrate institutions such as mosques and youth clubs that pose the real danger and whom we need to confront and challenge as soon as they appear.

We in the Irish Muslim community have on the whole felt part and parcel of the wider Irish society for decades, this is the country where many of us emigrated to in pursuit of a better life and opportunities; or fleeing persecution, and freedom from religious, ethnic or political discrimination. It is a country that we in turn have contributed thousands of health professionals to, researchers academics and entrepreneurs and even a T.D. The majority of us are grateful for the opportunities afforded to us by this nation and not only do we respect the ideals of the democracy that we live in but also cherish them.

The likes of Liam Egan need to be isolated and deprived of a platform in which to spread this madness whenever possible, debating them is like banging your head against the proverbial wall, at this stage of indoctrination only they can climb out of this behavioural and mental pit. Our efforts need to be concentrated on those vulnerable: the youth, the disaffected, the isolated who might fall into the same pit by the sirens’ call of extremists.

I speak for a substantial number of Muslims who share my sentiment and I hope this will clear the issue of the perceived silence of the moderate Muslim majority whom by the nature of moderation lead varied lives free from the obsessions of these fanatics and cannot devote all their time to the ratings of fundamentalists in the periphery of the Irish Muslim community. The realty though is that when the occasion calls for it we must let our voices be heard and drown out it these extremists and I am confident that we will rise to that challenge.

Mohammed AlKabour



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