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An Irish Muslim Response to Liam ‘Mujaahid’ Egan and the “Muslim Public Affairs Committee IE”

Irish commentators have asked why more Muslims in Ireland haven’t spoken up against the disturbing and repugnant views expressed by MPAC.IE  such as the stoning of women, killing of “witches” and homosexuals, prohibition on friendships with non-Muslim and condoning of slavery to list the most prominent outrages. Muslims in Ireland whom I have talked to are almost uniformly horrified by this website but also realize that it consists of one fanatical individual- Liam “Mujaahid” Egan- who has more or less been howling at the moon for the past 2 years since his return from Saudi Arabia.

An earlier incarnation of this personal blog masquerading as an advocacy group was the so called “Gorey Muslim Community” another of Mr Egan’s website’s that misappropriated a grander name to give the false impression of importance, that site has since disappeared. One might have thought that the Muslim community in Gorey had emigrated en masse but the truth is that after the Hijab controversy Mr Egan felt it was time for a promotion and to move on to a national stage with his “Muslim Public Affairs Committee” yet another hijacking of grandiose titles that gave an illusion of false importance, the “organization” is neither a committee nor does it speak for the Muslim community in Ireland. Liam Egan’s penchant for fabricating controversies and his lust for media attention has led to one or two wayward individuals to join the sorry affair but that is the extant of it in Ireland, his colleagues from his days in the UK as seen with a person calling himself Antiphon from Birmingham on often lend their support and this fraud is to perpetuate the illusion of importance and greater representation in this country. Fanaticism and controversy feeds the whole enterprise and for this reason the Muslims whom I have talked to see no point in providing him with the oxygen he thrives on and craves for which is attention.

Egan is a propagandist a Wahhabi Goebbels if you will and the danger he poses is in fermenting hatred and imagined grievances that might inspire the next generation of would be fanatics. But it is those who wait quietly in the shadows and infiltrate institutions such as mosques and youth clubs that pose the real danger and whom we need to confront and challenge as soon as they appear.

We in the Irish Muslim community have on the whole felt part and parcel of the wider Irish society for decades; this is the country where many of us emigrated to in pursuit of a better life and opportunities; or fleeing persecution, and freedom from religious, ethnic or political discrimination. It is a country that we in turn have contributed thousands of health professionals to, researchers academics and entrepreneurs and even a T.D. The majority of us are grateful for the opportunities afforded to us by this nation and not only do we respect the ideals of the democracy that we live in but also cherish them.

The likes of Liam Egan need to be isolated and deprived of a platform in which to spread this madness whenever possible, debating them is like banging your head against the proverbial wall, at this stage of indoctrination only they can climb out of this behavioural and mental pit. Our efforts need to be concentrated on those vulnerable: the youth, the disaffected and the isolated who might fall into the same pit by the sirens’ call of extremists.

I speak for a substantial number of Muslims who share my sentiment and I hope this will clear the issue of the perceived silence of the moderate Muslim majority whom by the nature of moderation lead varied lives free from the obsessions of these fanatic and cannot devote all their time to the ratings of fundamentalists in the periphery of the Irish Muslim community. The realty though is that when the occasion calls for it we must let our voices be heard and drown out it these extremists and I am confident that we will rise to that challenge.

Mohammed AlKabour



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